Our status

The Charity Commission for England and Wales is a non-Ministerial Government Department, part of the Civil Service. The Commission is completely independent of Ministerial influence and also independent from the sector it regulates. It has a number of quasi-judicial functions where it uses powers similar to those of the High Court.

We are required to report on our performance to Parliament annually. Our Governance Framework explains how we work to fulfil our vision, mission and values whilst remaining independent. It also explains what members of the Commission do to ensure the ways they carry out their public duties are not (and do not appear to be) influenced by their private interests.

Charity Commission Annual Reports and Accounts Find out about our work in the past year and how we spent our funding

Equality and diversity strategy 2012 Our aims to mainstream equality and diversity

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Governance Framework Formally sets out how the Commission is structured and what our role is

The Official Custodian for Charities Accounts and reports of the Official Custodian for Charities charity land holding service

Board members and senior management team Find out who is responsible for our corporate decision-making, strategy and future direction

Our work with other regulators and organisations Find out how we work in partnership with other organisations to support charities and their trustees

SORP Committee latest Find out more about the committee that reviews reporting and accounting rules for charities

Strategic Plan 2012-2015 Read about our strategic priorities and how these will influence the work we do

About the Charities Act 2011 Find out more about the law on how all charities in England and Wales are registered and regulated

Charity Commission regulations Regulations we make under the Charities Act

Welsh language scheme Our commitment to treat English and Welsh equally when providing services to the public in Wales