Charities working internationally

If you prefer to print one document which contains all the guidance in the sections below you can download a PDF version.

Registering an international charity or overseas disaster appeal - Find out whether your organisation’s objectives are charitable, whether you should register with us and how you can support overseas organisations as a way to achieve your objectives. Plus information on responding to disasters.

Money and Property Matters - If your charity works outside the UK there may be extra accounting issues to consider. This section also contains advice on carrying cash, non-traditional banking methods, property ownership, transferring and protecting funds.

Projects, Staff and Collaborations - Find out what trustees should think about when choosing projects and partners and employing staff locally. Plus advice on what a partnership agreement should cover.

Monitoring and Reporting - Find out why reporting procedures are needed, what form they can take, and what records to keep.

Protecting staff and beneficiaries and managing risk - Charities working internationally may be working in high-risk areas. Find out how you can manage risk and protect staff and vulnerable beneficiaries. Also find information on insurance.

Meeting other legal requirements - Charity trustees need to make sure that their charity complies with the law of England and Wales as well as local requirements where they are working. They also need to be able to manage the risk of links to terrorist activity.

Sources of information - Links to some of the sources of information which charity trustees can tap into to help them with advice and information about working internationally.

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