Can we deregister as our income is under £5,000?

If your charity’s annual income is less than £5,000 you can request your removal from the register of charities. You must be up to date with your filing responsibilities before we will remove you.

Annual returns: how to complete A guide to what information you need to provide in your annual return, where to get it and when to complete the online form.

Once removed you will still be entitled to refer to your organisation as a charity but you cannot refer to it as a ‘registered’ charity.

You can also apply to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for tax relief and be entitled to any tax benefit you were entitled to before.

HMRC will provide you with an HMRC charity number which is acceptable by banks and grant funders as evidence of your charitable status.

If your income rises above £5,000 for a period of more than one year then you will have to reapply for registration.

Registering your charity This guide explains when and how to register your charity once you have set it up.

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