What should I do if a charity isn’t having meetings?

If you are concerned that a charity isn’t holding enough meetings, you should contact the charity trustees. The trustees of a charity have the ultimate responsibility for the conduct of meetings.

The contact details of a charity can be found entering the registered charity number on the register of charities:

Charities will usually have different types of meetings and the governing document of a charity usually states the type of meeting to be held and their frequency.

Trustees meetings are held when the main decisions of the charity are made and only the trustees can vote at these meetings.

Annual general meetings (AGM) are held for the trustees to explain their actions to the members. It allows the members to ask questions and vote on business items.

Extraordinary or Special general meetings (EGM and SGM) are called to discuss non-recurring or ‘one-off’ business items that may occur between AGM’s.

Our guide provides guidance and good practice on meetings. 

Good practice for charities Find out about good practice guidelines to help your charity provide the best possible service to your beneficiaries.

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