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CES support voluntary sector organisations and their funders, and have done for over 20 years. Each year we directly work with over 1,000 organisations to help them to achieve more for the causes they serve, and better demonstrate the outcomes, impact and quality of their work. We do this by providing accessible and sector-appropriate training, resources, support and advice.

We undertake independent evaluations and develop tailored services, including providing dedicated technical support. We also conduct research. Our role is to inspire, support, and develop the organisations that seek our help. We always aim to build skills, so that after working with us people are more knowledgeable and confident to do it for themselves in the future. Our clients testify to the lasting difference our work makes.

CES also developed PQASSO, the leading quality standard for the third sector, and the PQASSO Quality Mark, a nationally recognised award endorsed by the Charity Commission that offers users as well as commissioners and funders external verification of the quality and credibility of an organisation.

Since its development in 1997, PQASSO has helped large and small organisations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, with over 14,000 copies sold. Now in its third edition, PQASSO’s development is informed by the organisations that use it to improve their work.

PQASSO covers all aspects of an organisation, from governance, finance and risk, to service delivery and monitoring outcomes. PQASSO’s flexibility means it can be used by all types of third sector organisations, including charities, social enterprises, community interest companies and community groups.

Above all, we support organisations to embed good practice that brings learning and value to those organisations, and ultimately produces better outcomes for their users. CES believes that implementing quality standards and evaluating performance are vital to ensuring organisations are effective and assuring their continued positive impact on society.

Now that the sector needs to be ever-more competitive and meet the challenges of an increasingly market-driven environment, CES is working harder than ever to help organisations to demonstrate quality, value for money, outcomes and impact.

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We use expert facilitators and have a proven track record of delivering training, events and workshops. We offer a range of flexible options to support you to develop your work on outcome and impact measurement and quality improvement. We design very practical training courses supported by helpful tools so that participants can get started straight away and apply their learning to their work

Training when you come to us

We offer over 25 different courses to help you improve your performance and demonstrate the difference that you make.

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Training when we come to you

All of our 25 training courses can also be delivered at your organisation.

We also offer facilitated workshops and bespoke training courses tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and at a location suitable for you.

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Consultancy support:

We work with organisations to develop their quality systems and outcome measurement frameworks and tools, and also develop bespoke resources including free publications. As well as our work with you on your projects, we can carry out independent evaluations on your behalf.

We are also the leading organisation helping third sector organisations in their work on quality.

Evaluation consultancy

  • Helping you develop your outcome and impact measurement frameworks
  • Independent evaluations
  • Helping you develop your Theory of Change
  • Support with data collection and report writing
  • Helping you communicate your results to funders and other stakeholders
  • SROI services
  • Helping you implement what you have learned

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Quality Consultancy

  • Helping you choose the right system from the many different models and systems available within the sector
  • Supporting you to implement a system eg PQASSO
  • Developing custom-made quality standards for membership or federated organisations
  • Quality Reviews

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  • PQASSO standards
  • PQASSO Quality Mark
  • PQASSO ad-ons and adaptations
  • PQASSO support

Interactive web-based help

Current areas of collaboration with the Charity Commission:

  • passing on key regulatory messages to our service users
  • building a bank of answers to frequently asked questions based on our experience of our service users’ needs
  • maintaining and developing an endorsed quality standards scheme
  • PQASSO standards
  • jargonbuster guidance

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