How we ensure charities comply with their legal requirements

Where we investigate charities Find out how we ensure trustees comply with their legal obligations and identify and investigate abuse and mismanagement in charities.

Where we take enforcement action Find out how we take regulatory action when we find evidence of accidental or deliberate wrongdoing.

Our counter-terrorism work Charities can be vulnerable to criminal and terrorist abuse - find out how we help charities avoid risking this kind of abuse.

Our work on safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries Find out how we help trustees safeguard and take responsibility for vulnerable groups including children their charities work with

Our work on fraud, financial crime and financial abuse Charities can be vulnerable to fraud and other forms of financial crime and abuse. Find out how we work to counter this and how to report fraud.

Where we monitor charities Find out how we maintain regulatory oversight of concerns about harm and abuse and non-compliance in the charity sector

Where we appoint Interim Managers Find out how we appoint Interim Managers to protect charity propery following administrative misconduct or mismanagement

Where we can help resolve internal conflicts Find out where we can and cannot intervene in internal disputes, plus guidance on ways trustees can resolve issues themselves

Risk framework Sets out our regulatory approach and how we assess risk. Find out how we decide when and how to deal with individual cases.