How we regulate charities

We take a risk-based approach to regulating charities. Find out how we follow the principles of best regulatory practice in our work.

Our regulatory approach Find out more about our regulatory approach and how put it into practice

How we ensure charities comply with their legal requirements Sets out the range of actions we undertake to ensure charities comply with their legal requirements

Publishing and reviewing charity accounts We publish the accounts of all charities with annual income over £25,000 on this website. Find out how and when we review them.

Alerts and warnings Our warnings to charities about particular risks or vulnerabilities which could affect them and their operations.

Safer giving - advice for charities and the public Most collections are genuine, but 'check before giving' to make sure your money goes to genuine, registered charities.

Our charity review programme Find out how we are developing a series of projects with key partners as part of a review programme