Detailed guidance

Our detailed guidance for charities, from raising funds to keeping accounts and working with other organisations.

Fundraising Our detailed guidance on fundraising, including disaster appeals, trading, wills and legacies.

Land and property Our detailed guidance on buying, selling, transferring, leasing, vesting or mortgaging charity land. Also includes environmental responsibility.

Managing your charity Detailed guidance on managing your charity, including changing your governing document and running meetings. Also includes political activity.

Money and accounts Our detailed guidance on charity accounting and managing charity funds.

Protecting your charity Our detailed guidance on protecting your charity from fraud and other kinds of risk.

Charitable purposes & public benefit Detailed guidance on how to show that your charity has been set up with charitable purposes that meet public benefit.

Specialist guidance Detailed guidance for specific types of charity, including NHS and arts charities. Also includes tailored guidance for local authorities.

Registering a charity Our detailed guidance on how to register your charity.

Trustees, staff and volunteers Detailed guidance on trustees' roles and responsibilities, including how to find new trustees and how to manage your charity’s people.

Working with other organisations Detailed guidance on charity collaboration and mergers.

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