Good practice for charities

The law says what your charity must do, such as spending your charity's money on the right things. But there are many things you can do to be really effective. Following good practice guidelines can help your charity provide the best possible service to your beneficiaries.

Help with developing good practice

These guidelines give general advice to help you run your charity effectively, by explaining the principles of good practice:

Getting the right trustees

Trustees play an essential part in running your charity, bringing valuable skills and experience.

Find out how to recruit trustees, what’s involved and how to take on beneficiaries or younger people as trustees:

Effective trustee meetings

Read about how to run your meetings effectively:

Dealing with risks

Some potential risks that charities might have to deal with include:

  • receiving less funding or fewer public donations
  • demand for their services increasing excessively
  • not having the relevant skills

Find out how to deal with risks:

Risks and how to manage them

Keeping your charity effective

As your charity develops and grows, you should keep up to date with good practice. Find out what to do as your charity develops:

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