Land and property

Advice on property matters

Read our guidance (below) to find out if you if you need us to authorise a land transaction you want to make. We can't advise your charity on property matters but the following organisations may be able to help you:

ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) Through its national network of specialist advisers, ACRE provides advice at a local level for those who manage village halls and other rural community buildings. For all matters concerning village halls and social enterprise, contact ACRE.

Community Matters

Provides support, advice and information to community organisations across England and Wales on property, Community Asset Transfers, charity governance and many other matters. Contact Community Matters if you consider yourself to be a community based organisation.

Ethical Property Foundation

Ethical Property Foundation offers bespoke, practical advice to help your organisation across every aspect of your property including assistance from architects and planners to surveyors and solicitors. Contact Ethical Property Foundation if you need help with property matters.


Locality provides expert advice, guidance and support on community rights, neighbourhood planning, community asset transfer, community asset development and community enterprise. Contact Locality to access its wide range of tools and resources.

Charity Commission guidance

Buying or renting charity property Charities can buy or rent property but they must make sure it is in the best interests of the charity. Most charities won’t need our approval to do this.

Selling or leasing charity property Most charities won’t need our approval to sell or lease property. You must follow the law and any rules in your governing document.